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Fruit Tempura with Raspberry Sauce

Fruit Tempura with Raspberry Sauce
This is a Fruit Tempura my mum makes. Give it a shot! All my friends were apprehensive at first, but then loved it when they tried it.
Ingredients: 80 g pineapple,
80 g mango,
30 ml raspberry sauce,
3 g powdered sugar.

For the batter:
50 g flour,
1 egg,
125 ml water.

For the raspberry sauce:
250 g raspberry,
50 g granulated sugar.

  Fruit Tempura with Raspberry Sauce recipe is a delicious and quick dessert.
  Clean and then peel fresh fruits and then sprinkle with some powdered sugar. For the batter pour cold water in a bowl and dissolve flour in there, add egg and mix until smooth.
  To cook raspberry sauce put frozen raspberries in a saucepan, cover it with sugar and bring to a boil.
  Before serving dip sliced fruits in batter and carefully put in deep-fryer each piece until golden brown.
 Serve with raspberry sauce.

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