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English Roast Beef

English Roast Beef
English Roast Beef is a refined English course which is really worth cooking in order to please your family members.
Ingredients: 400 g beef sirloin,
40 g wheat flour,
80 g lard,
salt to your tatse.

For Marinade:
1-2 middle sized onions,
2-3 carrots,
80 g celeric,
80 g parsley root,
80 g vegetable oil,
2 tbsp sugar,
1 bay leaf,
grated black pepper and bayberry to your taste.

  We present you English Roast Beef recipe, which is the most delicious course of traditional English cuisine. It is really worth tasting it.
  To make marinade chop vegetables finely, add sugar, vegetable oil, pepper and mix it all until vegetable juice appears.
  Put meat pieces into marinde and put it in a cool place for day and night.
  In 24 hours separate meat from vegetables, crumb it in flour, fry it in a frying pan in heated lard from all sides. Then put the frying pan with meat into oven for 15-20 min.
  Cut cooked roast beef in thin slices, put on a heated plate and pour with juice which appeared while frying.
  As a garnish use fried or mashed potatoes, vegetables and vegetable salad.

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