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Berry Dessert

Berry Dessert
Berry Dessert is the favourite summer course among Englishmen which is easy to cook. This dessert will be appreciated by those who like sweets.
Ingredients: 1 kg berries mixture (strawberries, raspberries, red and black currants, blackberries).

For base:
3 tbsp flour,
2/3 cup sugar(or sugar powder),
4 egg whites,
1/4 tsp salt,

For creme:
3 cup milk,
6 tbsp flour,
5 tbsp sugar powder,
6 egg yolks,

For almond crumbs:
1 cup almond flakes,
2 tsp butter,
2 tbsp sugar powder.

For wine sauce:
250 ml dessert wine,
2 tbsp liqueur (orange).

For decoration:
250 ml whipping cream.

  We want to present you a traditional English Berry Dessert recipe. So let's start.
  At first whip egg whites in thick cream, step by step adding sugar, then flour, salt and vanilla. Put parchment greazed with butter on a baking sheet. Put egg white mixture on the parchment and bake it at the temperature of 150 degrees for 30 min. Chill and dice the crust.
  Add vanilla into milk and bring it to boil muddling it. Then whip yolks with sugar powder, add flour and simmer it until thick. Put cooked creme in a separate container and chill it.
  To prepare beries cut strawberries in 4 pieces, mix them with the rest of berries and sugar powder. Press berries slightly until juice appeares.
  Then fry almond flakes, the first 3-5 min without oil and after that with oil and sugar powder. Don't forget to muddle it constantly otherwise flakes may burn.
  Put crust pieces in a salad bowl and pour them with wine sauce (mixture of dessert wine and liqueur). Let crust soak.
  Put 1/3 creme on soft crust, then some berries, and again creme and berries layers. Put the rest of creme on the top of the second layer, then put whipping cream and again beries mixture. Sprinkle it all with almond crumbs. Put the dessert in fridge for 3 hours.

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