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Fruit Berry Pudding

Fruit Berry Pudding
Fruit Berry Pudding is one of the  best desserts of a classic English cuisine. It goes perfectly with your family tea.
Ingredients: 3 middle sized fruit (peaches, nectarines etc),
250 g berries (preferably wild strawberries or raspberries),
3 tbsp berry liqueur,
4 egg yolks,
2 tbsp water,
50 g sugar.

  This is an English Fruit Berry Pudding recipe. So let's start.
  At first cut fruit into pieces and put them on a plate. Add 2 tbsp liqueur to them and mix them. Grind yolks with sugar, 1 tbsp liqueur, water and put them on a water bath. Whip yolk mass for 5-10 min until it gets warm.
  Then put prepared fruit and berries in baking cups and cover them with yolk sauce. Bake them in preheated oven for 2-3 min until brown.
  Serve hot.

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