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Parkin is a classic English course. It is easy to cook and besides it has a long shelf life and gets more juicy with time.
Ingredients: 140 g unsalted butter,
100 g dark cane-sugar,
4 tbsp molasses,
200 g flour,
1 tsp baker's powder,
1/2 tsp soda,
2 tsp grated ginger,
150 g rolled oats,
150 g finely chopped candied ginger,
1 egg,
100 ml milk,
1 pinch grated cloves,
1 pinch grated cinnamon.

  We present you a traditional English Parkin recipe. This juicy gingerbread was served in England for centuries. It has a long shelf life and gets even more juicy with time.
  Heat oven to the temperature of 150 degrees. Grease it with butter and put a parchment on a square form. Then simmer butter, molasses and sugar in a saucepan muddling them in order to melt them. Take it off flame and let it get cold for 10 min.
  Strain flour, baker's powder, soda, grated spices and salt in a bowl. Add rolled oats and two thirds of ginger.
  Whip the egg with milk in another bowl, then add flour and molasses. Mix it and pour it in a form sprinkling with ginger. Bake it for 45 min until it gets hard.
  Put it on a grill and let it get cold for 20 min. Then take it out of the form and chop.
  Serve it with butter.

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