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Devonshire Honey Cake

Devonshire Honey Cake
Devonshire Honey Cake is a refined English course. It is very nice to have tea with this cake at your family gathering.
Ingredients: 250 g honey and 2 tbsp for icing,
225 g unsalted butter,
100 g dark sugar,
3 eggs,
300 g pancake mix.

  Let us introduce you an original English Devonshire Honey Cake recipe. So let's start.
  At first heat oven to the temperature of 140 degrees С. Grease it with butter and put a parchment on a split form. Dice butter and put it in a saucepan with sugar and honey. Simmer it in order to melt it. When the mixture gets liquid increase flame and boil it for 1 min. Then let it get cold for 15-20 min, otherwise eggs may boil when you add them.
  Then whip eggs with melted honey with the help of a wooden spoon. Strain flour in a bowl and pour the egg mixture with honey in it whipping it to make liquid dough.
  Then put the dough in a form and bake it for 50 min until the cake rises and gets elastic.
  Turn the cake over on a grill. Heat 2 sp honey in a bowl and grease the cake with it to make icing sticky. Let it get cold. You may keep the cake for 4-5 days in a tightly closed box.

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