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Abkhazian Chudu

Abkhazian Chudu
Cheese taste and tender dough of Abkhazian Chudu is a wonderful combination which will be enjoyed by everyone who likes baked goods.
Ingredients: For dough:
0,5 kg flour,
0,3 ml sour milk,
1/2 tsp baking soda,
salt to your taste.

For stuffing:
250 g cottage cheese,
1 egg,
4 tbsp sour cream,
1 spring onion,
salt to your taste.

  We introduce you a recipe of a delicious and nourishing course made of dairy products and flour. Abkhazian Chudu is similar to Russian curd tart, but this is not fancy pastry and the stuffing is sugarless.
  At first sift flour, make a hollow and pour milk in it. Add salt. Then reduce soda with kefir and add it to other ingredients. Knead the elastic dough, make a ball, roll it in towel or clingfilm and put it aside for 30 min. Sift cottage cheese, add egg to it. Pour half of sour cream into it. Mix it all until the mix is homogeneous. Chop spring onions finely and add them to te cottage cheese mass, add salt and mix it all. Roll the dough in a round. Grease a baking sheet with butter, heat oven to the temperature of 180-200 degrees. Put the dough on the baking sheet. Put cottage cheese on the round cake top, leave a free dough stripe of 3 cm from the edge. Roll the dough edges and grease the rest wit sour cream.
  Bake it for 30 min until brown. Cool the cooked round cake and cut in pieces.

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