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Fried Sweet Pepper

Fried Sweet Pepper
Fried Sweet Pepper is a very simple course. It can be used as a garnish to meat or fish.
Ingredients: 1 kg sweet peppers,
1 garlic clove,
100 ml vegetable oil,
salt, spices to your taste.

  The Fried Sweet Pepper recipe is very easy. It takes only 5 min to cook it.
  Wash sweet peppers, do not cut ends off or extract seeds. Make cuts from both sides of pepper with a knife and salt them from the inside.
  Pour vegetable oil on the frying pan and put peppers on it. Fry them until brown, turn them over and fry them from all sides.
  Put cooked peppers on a plate, let them cool, pour off oil and rub them with garlic.

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