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Kystybyi is a tasty course made of simple products. It is a traditional Abkhazian recipe of round cake with potatoes.
Ingredients: 1 kg potatoes,
150 ml milk,
350 g wheat flour,
0,5 tsp salt,
3 onions,
100 g butter,
50 ml vegetable oil,
salt to your taste.

  Kystybyi recipe is an awesome Abkhazian course which is simple and nutricious.
  Knead dough with flour, milk, 0,5 tsp salt, then divide it into pieces with weight of 50 g. Roll out the dough, fry it without oil from both sides on a scorching frying pan.
  Add salt, finely chopped fried onions to mashed potatoes. Put mashed potatoes on one side of the round, cover it with another half of dough, and grease it with melted butter.

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