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Akutagchapa (Boiled Eggs with Walnut)

Akutagchapa (Boiled Eggs with Walnut)
If you want to experiment with food, try to cook the Akutagchapa (Boiled Eggs with Walnut). It may be both a snack and a main course.
Ingredients: 6 eggs,
60 g shelled walnuts,
2-3 sprigs coriander,
2 sprigs dill,
1 tsp adjika,
1 tbsp nut oil.

For decoration:

  The Akutagchapa (Boiled Eggs with Walnut) recipe has a difficult name but it is simple to cook. Besides the course has an unusual combination of tastes which may be a surprise for you.
  Boil eggs hard. Separate whites from yolks. Mash yolks and dress with walnut mass, finely chopped greens and adjika.
  Put the thoroughly stirred akutagchapa on a plate in the halves of whites and decorate them with greens.

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