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Runner Beans and Nuts

Runner Beans and Nuts
Light but nourishing vegetarian salad “Runner beans and nuts” contains all necessary vitamins and microelements.
Ingredients: 500 g runner beans,
125 g nuts,
2-3 bulb onions,
3-4 garlic cloves,
1 table spoon adjika,
8-10 coriander branches,
2-3 branches of parsley, wild basil and sweet basil,
salt, vinegar or pomegranate juice to taste.

For decoration:
Pomegranate seeds.

  Recipe is very simple and easy. Even non-admirers of Abkhazian cuisine will like this Runner beans and nuts salad. Remove strings from runner bean joints then crash pods, wash and cover with cold water and cook until pods are soft.
  When beans are ready throw it off to colander, cool it down. Mix preliminary made nut butter, adjika, chopped onion and greens, vinegar ( pomegranate juice) and salt with dried pods and knead with force till mixture is homogenized.
  Before serving decorate it with onion rings, pomegranate seeds and nut butter.

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