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Barmy Fish

Barmy Fish
Create a masterpiece just in 5 minutes and our Barmy Fish recipe helps you with it. Serve the course with vegetables and sweet-sour sauce.
Ingredients: 1 kg fish (zander, carp, dogfish),
0,5 l wine,
200 ml mayonnaise (or sour cream),
3 tomatoes,
salt, pepper to your taste.

For decoration:

  Barmy Fish recipe is a very simple but interesting recipe.
  At first scale fish, chop it and marinade the pieces in wine for 2-3 hours and add spices.
  Put the marinated fish on a roasting dish, grease it with mayonnaise or sour cream and decorate it with tomatoes rings and greens.
  Bake it in oven for 40 - 50 min. You get the real taste of smocked fish.

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